Resident Model


Resident Model




Final Touch Boutique prides itself on the being a positive body image supporter that helps uplift the art of fashion, the beauty of the human form and diversity in our communities. Together with the dedication of local models, both professional and amateur, we work to represent real women and real sizes. Each one of our models is a customer of the store. This sorority of multigenerational women are talented, beautiful and classy.

To model for Final Touch Boutique is to live the brand and exude a love for class in all its forms. Our brand is about daring to be yourself in face of those who seek to do the opposite. One must escape the confines of being a xerox copy of what’s trending and step forward into the world in which you truly live. We help each model attain the perfection of their own beauty and do not ascribe to a set standard. Through our work we put the punctuation to the personality of each model and fabric they model.

If your interested in becoming a Final Touch Boutique model, you can visit us in store or complete the form below. We are in search of both female and male models. All shapes are welcome and we fit sizes women 2-18 and men 32-40.